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Switch - Find out how you can and if you can 
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Why you need a Broker to Renew & Review 
Comparing and renewing medical insurance is time consuming and complicated. Whether you are considering policies for you, your family or your company, it is a difficult process if you don't understand the "rules". Not every insurer has the same "rules". 
New policies are available with better benefits... are they for you? 
You have had the policy for years and cannot remember what it covers. 
Circumstances for you or your company have changed. 
Paying for hospitals you are unlikely to use but don't know? 
Paying for benefits you do not need or want anymore? 
You need something different altogether, but don't know what? 
You just need to know if you can really "switch". 
You've seen an advert for a lower price but what is the catch? 
Weighed down by the paperwork of administering a company scheme? 
Lots to get from the Renew & Review Service and absolutely nothing to lose! 
Clear understanding of what you currently have, and if it still meets your needs. 
The offer of an alternative which reduces your premiums without reducing benefit levels (not always possible but that is our goal!) or a new product that meets your needs. 
Quotes from all the insures that offer "like for like" cover with the current policy. 
We ensure you meet the insurers "switching terms" before we submit their price to you so you know that price is truly available to you. 
A simple 4 page review showing rates, differences in benefits between the current policy and competitive policies listed on the rate sheet and a 2 page recommendation/explanation sheet. 
Experts to handle the "switching" process if you want to move. If you can't switch, you will know why and if you can move in the future we will guide you. 
Someone to handle all the paperwork and administration behind any scheme on an ongoing basis. 
The Renew & Review Service will then swing into action every year. You will get the same level of help and advice you got the first time you spoke to us, and it remains absolutely free. You will never have to worry about a healthcare review again.  
No Catches, No Charges, No Hassle 
All with just a click of a mouse! 
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